Regular Issues.

Let me spell it out…especially for you lads. If you get romantically involved with a girl;
Your. Individual. Friendships. With. Other. Girls. Is. Over.

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15 is a good number.

Yep, it sure is Joshua turns 3 months today. 15-09-16 he was born and man, is he growing up fast. I’m sure he’ll be 6 foot 3 next week. There is something else about today though, today marks exactly one year since I started this blogging caper. What an interesting ride it’s been. I am […]

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Lift off.

One of the pleasures of being a new parent is the experience of showing your child things for the very first time. One of the problems however, is the constraints caused by feeding times and availability of nappy-changing facilities and so forth. So yesterday, Alycia and I decided to take Joshua to the viewing platform […]

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