On returning to the blog.

Perhaps no one will read this, and that is ok. It is ok because it was never really about getting a huge following of readers. It was however about two things. First and on the more surface level it was about developing the ‘gift’ of writing. But secondly and more deeply, I realised that writing […]

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Just go with it.

So recently at Waratah, I have been on a bit of a bandwagon of empowering lay people to step into more spaces of ministry leadership. I am completely aware that in doing so I am possibly running the risk of crafting some well fashioned rods for my own back in future. More on that in […]

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Everyday with God in 2017. Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1 and for that matter, reflections on 2 Corinthians. Everything is rubbish next to knowing Jesus. True joy results in overflowing generosity. Therefore, it is possible (as ridiculous as it seems) to avoid joy in order to avoid giving. The life of faith is not about gathering resources to increase effectiveness, […]

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15 is a good number.

Yep, it sure is Joshua turns 3 months today. 15-09-16 he was born and man, is he growing up fast. I’m sure he’ll be 6 foot 3 next week. There is something else about today though, today marks exactly one year since I started this blogging caper. What an interesting ride it’s been. I am […]

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Lift off.

One of the pleasures of being a new parent is the experience of showing your child things for the very first time. So yesterday, Alycia and I decided to take Joshua to the viewing platform at Perth airport for him to see his first aeroplane. It’s actually a great spot as you can just come an […]

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