Does pineapple really belong on pizza?

Debates bring out the worst in us because they are by nature polarising. Moreover, the social media space pours even more oil on the fire as we never have to look our ‘opponent’ in the eye.

When we speak with more ferocity the more inconsistent our words become.

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Unity times Diversity.

  So there I was, standing in a school staff room and I happened to be looking at a poster advertising ‘harmony day’. Now there’s enough people out there being negative at the moment, so I don’t want to add to that but I have to admit I realised something. The word ‘harmony’ of course […]

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Ramblings on change

I was trying to think of things that I have learned that will come in handy in the future and the following came to mind after a long, long drive of prayer and just thinking. Leading change in a church context is leading change amidst two beautiful but sometimes volatile things; tradition and volunteers. Change happens […]

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Spirit Science.

Have you ever just looked at stuff? It’s amazing what you notice when you do. I wonder sometimes if entertainment is the enemy of wisdom. Wisdom that uses creation as it’s classroom. Approaching the end of my journey through Proverbs, I came across this: Proverbs 30:25-28 25 Ants are creatures of little strength,yet they store up their […]

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