On returning to the blog.

Perhaps no one will read this, and that is ok.

It is ok because it was never really about getting a huge following of readers. It was however about two things. First and on the more surface level it was about developing the ‘gift’ of writing. But secondly and more deeply, I realised that writing is the way I train myself to think about God.

Here’s the issue when we get really busy or are under great stress; we ponder God less. At least I do. It is far more convenient to simply scroll social media or flick on a T.V., far easier to be less intentional. I’m not saying that we don’t pray more. Often, we do. Prayers of crying out to God for help, sometimes angrily, which is better than not. But I am saying that we tend not to simply just think on God for the joy of simply thinking on God.

Yet that is the key to making it through the dark. That is the echo of Jacob’s attitude, “I will not let you go lest you bless me,” and I came to the realisation recently that I’d sort of let all that meditation stuff slide.

2020 has been a hard year for everyone. No one was really ever immune to being a part of that ‘everyone’. Including Christians. Including us. I learned this year that life and all the various issues, conflicts and drains that it brings doesn’t magically stop because you’re in a pandemic. I think there are many Christian leaders out there who would admit that although their churches were ‘shut down’ for a time, they were in fact busier than ever.

God has been nonetheless faithful through it all and provided the fresh nourishment and encouragement when we (Alycia and I) have needed it most. Yet over the past months there’s been a growing conviction that the simple joy of the Lord which is my strength has been slowly replaced with distraction which is, in the long term; my exhaustion.

So after 2 posts in 2 years, I’m feeling called back to the blog simply because it’s one of the primary ways I just grind out time to think about and process things that God has said simply for the sake of it. If you’re reading this, I look forward to journeying with you again or even for the first time. But I do have one last question.

If you’re a Christian, what are you doing or pursuing that ensures you are just thinking on God for the joy of it at some stage in the week?

Bless ya;)

2 thoughts on “On returning to the blog.

  1. Thanks Peter for sharing your heart, it’s blessed me and it’s so true, the Lord loves and blesses us (me!) when we just sit with him being still. We think our time is important, it’s even more so to him…amazing, amazing love.


  2. The Lord is closest to me through His holy word, particularly when I study it against the background of great Christian commentary.


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