In the wilderness part 1

Here’s a question: Is Jesus really the son of God? That was Satan’s question in the temptation of Christ, especially as recorded in Matthew’s gospel. There’s really no more important question to get right, to find the answer to. So boil the kettle, get comfy and come with me on a journey through Matthew’s record […]

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The real game of thrones.

So, let’s summarize the request: “Hey Sam your sons are corrupt.” “It’s cool, we have a solution; appoint a king, you know, just like all the other nations around us, cos y’know, it’s not like they are corrupt or anything.” “Yeah that’ll work.”

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Hard to define.

Ok, so I was going to be a little cheeky and bring this post into the 21st century a bit by having a advert for buddha garden statues as the featured image, but let’s stick to the ‘god’ in question: Acts 19:23-26  About that time there arose a great disturbance about the Way.  24 A […]

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