Everyday with God in 2017. Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1 and for that matter, reflections on 2 Corinthians.

  • Everything is rubbish next to knowing Jesus.
  • True joy results in overflowing generosity. Therefore, it is possible (as ridiculous as it seems) to avoid joy in order to avoid giving.
  • The life of faith is not about gathering resources to increase effectiveness, it’s about falling in love with Jesus.
  • You can’t win spiritual battles with worldy weapons and the attempt to do so amounts to idolatry.
  • The mobilisation of people begins with the loving of people.
  • Paul’s poise in crisis extends from a 100% certainty of experience with Jesus.
  • Before there is an authority problem, there’s a relationship problem.
  • Resilience and stability are NOT learnt behaviours, they are an outflow of knowing the truth.
  • God does not fix or delete our weakness because his power is displayed thru it.
  • You can’t let two lights shine at once, one will always be brighter than the other.
  • It is because God is passionate for HIS glory that he uses the weak.
  • To the unrepentant heart, the purest of loves looks toxic.
  • Greater self-awareness brings greater responsibility to make the right choice.
  • Nothing implies crucifying the flesh like leading by example.
  • Look for points of similarity not difference.
  • Ambition is like fire, used with wisdom it can provide warmth for  others but without wisdom it can burn your house down.
  • The testing of faith is really the only doorway to certainty of faith.
  • Heroes require the ones they save in order to justify their existence. Jesus needed no one, hence why he could take the role of servant.
  • As long as you want to be the hero, you’ll struggle to tell people about Jesus.
  • Introspection has its limits, put down the mirror that you may draw water

Lastly, the journey thru Exodus began.

  • It was God’s plan that got them in, it was God’s plan that will get Israel out.
  • The best way to resource people is to teach them how to pray.
  • If Satan can swindle one generation, the whole story is lost.
  • Satan can manipulate the hearts of kings, but God allows the thrones to be occupied in the first place.
  • God doesn’t appoint slave drivers, Satan does.
  • Slavery is the first step to extermination.
  • The promises of God always outweighs the odds against their fulfilment.
  • The midwives know that there is no point in negotiating with evil…and they are rewarded for their discernment.
  • It’s easy to argue from scripture surrounded by your mates, but only true faith can perceive a great cloud of witnesses that exist in every context.
  • Miracles happen where there is courage.
  • The answer that seems most accessible is not necessarily the most powerful, helpful or suitable.
  • When words of encouragement don’t sink in, it’s often because deep down we’re asking mortals to do only what God can; quell the fear of inadequacy.
  • By faith Moses’ mother relinquishes him. By faith she receives him back.
  • It’s important to take care of yourself, but what really wears us out more than anything is constant self-concern.
  • The first task of leadership is to recognise that you’re not the one in leadership. God is.
  • Stay with God long enough to ‘take your shoes off’ and hear how he plans to navigate the future.
  • Pay attention to the fact that God is always paying attention.
  • Prayer is where decision and response collapses down into the same moment.
  • God gives Moses a sign that Moses is only going to actually see if he takes God at his word first. (Ex 3:12)
  • Failure always raises the question of identity.
  • God answers protest with assurance….because he knows where our protests really come from. Our fears.
  • I worry less post-prayer.
  • Nothing causes us more misery than the desire to be fulfilled by God more than to worship God.
  • Discernment trumps strategy.
  • God sows peace that he may be worshipped.
  • If you  have to ‘sell a vision’ it’s not God’s will.
  • When we give God excuses, he says “give me what you have.”
  • God prepares both the task and the hands to perform it.
  • The idea that once something is resolved, it will never have to be addressed again in future is stupid, even arrogant.
  • To lead a people who are addicted to the familiar, God prepares a person who knows precisely what it is to be addicted to the familiar.
  • God knows how much allowing Moses to have Aaron with him with cost him in the future.
  • A command from God is perfect in its suitability and timing.
  • God keeps us on our knees until we learn to pray standing up.
  • You can’t really love unconditionally without faith. Without faith you’re looking to the object of affection for relationship outcomes.
  • God educates Moses as much as he is freeing Israel. That is, He is already preparing the message for Israel in 40 yrs time.
  • Being God’s servant requires faith more than it requires breathing.
  • When all the gods are dethroned, if you don’t have the one true God, what do you have?
  • It is a privilege to learn from the judgement of others. It is wisdom to make the most of the opportunity.
  • The devil is not in the detail. The truth is in the detail, the devil is in the assumption.
  • The prayer life of the idolaterer exists only in times of crisis.
  • The quest for true love is really the quest for true rest.
  • Philosophy: the attempt to explain why things aren’t quite right without mentioning God.
  • God is either the focus of our worship or the biggest inconvenience in our lives.
  • Judgement is revelation.
  • You don’t really trust God until you trust his timing.
  • God’s wrath is timed and scheduled, not sporadic or unpredictable.
  • It’s possible for short term obedience to be produced by a self-ish aching for relief.
  • The impulse of sin is to present one’s self as a living sacrifice to..the self.
  • Maybe someone can regularly go a few days with out prayer and reflection. I can’t, so I’ll glory in that weakness.
  • Nothing is more dangerous that strategy informed by panic.
  • How can doubt ultimately survive a 2-way conversation?
  • The more you have to lose, the more difficult it is not to fall into the illusion of immortality.
  • It’s possible to engage in confession without repentance.
  • To be absolutely accepted by someone is the most affirming and terrifying thing. They won’t run when you’re at your worst…and hence you have no excuses for not traversing the valleys.
  • God confronts Moses, on the way. (Ex 4:24)
  • Power can induce reverence, but worship comes out of an experience of personal love.
  • Unrelenting urgency leads to idolatry.
  • When God reveals his name, he reveals his desire to be known.
  • Israel, when Moses turns up, have spent their entire lives hearing stories of God’s power and  provision whilst living according to Pharaoh.
  • The first and most valuable answer to prayer is that prayer is the answer.
  • Reticence is not automatically humility, but more often pride in sheep’s clothing.
  • Clarity costs time.
  • God uses people for reasons rendered invisible to the eyes of men.
  • My greatest mistakes have often come about thru the pace at which i have made my decisions.
  • For the hardened heart, authority is always tied to ability or power.
  • An external miracle is never going to fix only what an internal miracle can. (Ex 7:8-9)
  • God knows the heart. Through prayer he reveals its condition back to us.
  • It’s not about what we do, it’s about who we do it with.
  • Satan loves compartmentalised spirituality as you can never see you need for grace until you really consider how much God sees every facet of your being.
  • To choose to overlook an insult for the sake of the unity of God’s people is an act of worship.

So there we go, that was my ‘spiritual year’ in a collection of insights.

Hope some of it was helpful.

Bless ya:)

One thought on “Everyday with God in 2017. Part 2

  1. *Warning Warning!!*
    “The impulse of sin is to present one’s self as a living sacrifice to..the self”
    and it might take quite some reflection to distinguish this.

    A few real smack between the eyes ones in this lot for me. Thanks (I think)

    I really loved working through Exodous when our bible study did it. Fascinating history, incredible stories and SO so so much revelation of God. Awesome.


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