Recharge thyself.

I recently when through a quintessentially modern crisis.

My phone has started doing some strange things. I’m due for a new one, but I’m trying to hold out till tax time. The issue is that I’m nervous that this little device that is just about the most necessary item that I carry on my person may have it’s own schedule for death mapped out.

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Free Parking

So I am of course no longer engaged in youth ministry. However, a few may not be aware that I do still wear the hat of volunteer youth worker at a local primary school. I find this invaluable as it is such a breath of fresh air from the Christian fishbowl that ministry can become. […]

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Band-aids and scars.

Astonishingly, he seemed to get it. He calmed down almost immediately. Where he had once feared that this pain and bleeding might indeed go on indefinitely for the rest of his life, he now had evidence to the contrary. His panic was replaced by a peace allowing him to somehow put up with the pain.

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On the cutting room floor.

As mentioned before, we at Waratah have been on a journey thru the story of Moses. Although this is the longest and most detailed series I have yet done, such is the depth of the source material (the Scriptures) there is still a bunch of stuff that just hasn’t beem able to fit in sermons. […]

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Why God helps us.

Have you ever had to make a decision for the sake of one group of people that you know will adversely affect others? How do you know which one is the right one? For me, in my position it has to be for the good of God’s people first and foremost. If something starts to […]

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Just go with it.

So recently at Waratah, I have been on a bit of a bandwagon of empowering lay people to step into more spaces of ministry leadership. I am completely aware that in doing so I am possibly running the risk of crafting some well fashioned rods for my own back in future. More on that in […]

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