What I’m learning from Moses…

It has struck me more and more reading Moses’ story that the desert is the place of instruction. In fact, you don’t get out of the desert, until you’ve learned what God wants you to learn

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22 definitions of holidays.

What does it mean to be on holidays spiritually? After asking that question, the following definitions of holidays came to mind. Remebering them helps me to stay on holidays. In no particular order, holidays are: 1. Freedom to spend more time with God than for God. 2. Space for stillness. 3. Remembering the foolishness of […]

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Surprised by relinquishment.

Let it go. It’s hard not to think of a certain kid’s movie right? But Frozen ins’t really telling the truth, because it’s all about self-realisation…which isn’t letting it go at all. In a ‘get more’ world, relinquishment is a dirty word. But I have been confronted by how central it is to God’s plans […]

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Unity times Diversity.

  So there I was, standing in a school staff room and I happened to be looking at a poster advertising ‘harmony day’. Now there’s enough people out there being negative at the moment, so I don’t want to add to that but I have to admit I realised something. The word ‘harmony’ of course […]

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