3 Quick Things I learned in 3 different places.

As I look over my spiritual journey so far, I notice that it can be broken up into three main areas; the mountain, the valley and the water. In each of these places, by God’s grace alone I have learned to control my thought-life with three main ideas each.

So three threes as it were, and I hope that this may help you as you apply it…

1: Trusting God on the mountain:

This is in those times when you’re feeling invincible, everything you touch seems to turn to gold and you’re like an eagle and flying high. The great risk of course is falling into pride.

  • God is, and always will be more influential than anyone especially me.
  • Our best skills/gifts/ideas come from God anyway, (every good and perfect gift is from God) and our greatest successes only came about because they were in his plan.
  • Every success deletes one more future excuse. Remember this. The more you claim as your own, the higher you raise everyone’s expectations of you, which you’ll soon regret doing.

2. Trusting God in the valley:

This is when you’re feeling besieged in some way, spiritually, emotionally mentally or even physically you feel utterly weak, sometimes unable to take another step.

  • Acknowledge death as necessary to new life. A cross before resurrection. Dry bones CAN live.
  • Even Jesus wasn’t allowed do ‘miss out’ on a wilderness experience, he also had to know what it was to obey in the midst of suffering.
  • One person’s faithfulness is often another person’s only hope. You have no idea who is gaining hope from your relentlessness.

3. Trusting God on the Water

This is exciting but scary. It’s the moment after you just took a step of faith and now you’re thinking “what on earth did I just get myself into.” It’s when you’re outside your comfort zone, it’s the ‘deep end’ where faith grows. So, remember:

  • The scream of “help me!” comes after you’ve stepped out of the boat. In other words: at least you know that you’re living by faith and therefore among those the bible calls blessed.
  • It’s not about you, and your eventual victory guaranteed in Christ can and will change the lives of others.
  • You can even walk on water, if you keep your eyes on Jesus. Enjoy the sense of awe that this truth brings.

Bless ya:)

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