22 definitions of holidays.

What does it mean to be on holidays spiritually? After asking that question, the following definitions of holidays came to mind. Remebering them helps me to stay on holidays.

In no particular order, holidays are:

1. Freedom to spend more time with God than for God.

2. Space for stillness.

3. Remembering the foolishness of productivity as an end in and of itself.

4. Praying without boundaries.

5. Being ok with God’s timing.

6. A great opportunity to practice relinquishment of myself to each day and what it may bring.

7. The time and undivided attention to be available to each moment.

8. Enjoying rest as an important activity. As important as anything else we do.

9. Rejoicing in the realisation of God’s personal love for you whilst you are doing absolutely nothing at all.

10. Being able to ask the blessed question; “what shall we do today?” And an ability to give the even more blessed answer: “maybe we’ll just do nothing.”

11. Time to appreciate quiet.

12. Being around to see Joshua’s first smile after he wakes up from a nap.

13. Remembering just how many hours there are in a day, and how strangely good we are at filling them.

14. Noticing how blessed I am all over again.

15. Entrusting the world around me to God as I unplug from news bulletins.

16. Talking to people only because I want to, not also because I have to.

17. Fishing without worrying if I’ll have time to clean and fillet the catch afterwards.

18. Allowing, no, inviting God to interupt my thoughts.

19. Long walks with Alycia, staggered at how I managed to marry someone so profound.

20. Walking, not running, with God.

21. Space for un-timed conversations.

22. More listening than talking.

Bless ya:)

One thought on “22 definitions of holidays.

  1. I must have missed this one when first posted…
    Number 8. We totally don’t understand the necessity of rest.
    Physical and mental rest. For plenty of people, mental rest is associated with physical activity.
    Which brings us to how number 17 is my rest, even though these days it tends to leave me physically exhausted. Plus that’s why I mostly catch and release. Lol


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