Surprised by relinquishment.

Let it go.

It’s hard not to think of a certain kid’s movie right? But Frozen ins’t really telling the truth, because it’s all about self-realisation…which isn’t letting it go at all. In a ‘get more’ world, relinquishment is a dirty word.

But I have been confronted by how central it is to God’s plans in our lives and the lives of those around us. He has confronted me thru my study of the book of Exodus. Have you ever really looked at the beginning of the story and how Moses comes to be in the care of the Egyptian court?

Let me share with you one of the most astonishing verses in all of Scripture. Exodus 2:9-10

“Take this Baby and nurse him for me.” The Princess told the baby’s mother. “I will pay you for your help.” So the woman took her baby back home and nursed him.”

A quick summary to help us see how amazing this is: Pharaoh is a terrified maniac. Scared of the growth of the Hebrew people, he eventually orders every baby killed; drowned in the Nile. Moses’ parents, naturally hide baby Moses for three months. (Can you imagine how hard that must have been?) They realise the situation is untenable so they ‘obey’ the command to cast Moses into the Nile, in a rather strategic spot. His older sister is sent to watch from a distance and ‘guide the conversation’ when Pharaoh’s daughter inevitably finds him near her favourite bathing spot. His sister does her job well and convinces the princess to choose a ‘random Hebrew woman nearby’ to nurse Moses. And so we have the above verses.

Here’s the thing; can you imagine being Moses’ mother? She’s got a clever plan but it is 100% faith in God that she’s not going to simply see one of the princess’s attendants simply slaughter the baby on the spot.

She relinquishes Moses. Moreover, I’d argue that she’s taking a pretty massive risk with allowing her daughter to get that close too. Think: a Jewish family talking to Nazi top-brass during WW2. That’s the level of precariousness here.

How precarious does your life get? I doubt it’s that precarious. Maybe that’s why by and large we suck at relinquishment and excel at worry. We’ve maybe had it so easy for so long? I mean we deal with some fairly serious struggles….but squad guards hunting our children to slaughter them while we’re made to work to death in mud pits? I think not.


Here’s what I find staggering. I always kind of assumed that Moses’ mother was made to nurse Moses in the Egyptian court. But no, she is allowed, in fact commanded by royalty to take her baby home. Imagine her surprise; not only does she now not have to hide Moses away at home, but she’s getting paid to be his mum!

But there’s an even greater reality. In the midst of a royal edict to have all baby’s killed, Moses is relinquished to God by his parents…….and now he is the only Hebrew baby in the land under a royal edict of protection. Think long and hard about that.

Because its an analogy of the spiritual reality. Moses is and always will be under royal protection and guard….the protection of THE king. God.

But make no mistake; living by faith will ALWAYS mean giving something up. So many folks I have run into over years of ministry are waiting to see proof of God’s protection for them before they can relinquish a sausage. Meanwhile they can’t figure out why they find the life of faith such a struggle.

The life of faith is a life of relinquishment. And the life of relinquishment is the fundamental pattern of a life of faith. The only alternative is a life of paralysing worry or foolish ignorance.

It seems to me that in both testaments, miracles never seem to occur in the lives of those who refuse to relinquish. I think for example, of the Pharisees that are looking for something from Jesus; a sign, and Jesus tells them in no uncertain terms exactly what they’ll get.


Maybe there’s something that you’re waiting on God to prove to you and you’re frustrated that he seems to be ignoring your request.

Well, what if he’s waiting for you?

What is it in your life that you can’t relinquish? What is it that you need to ‘drop into the Nile?’

What have you got to lose?


Whatever it is, relinquish your ‘baby’ to God and watch the compound blessing that flows back. Dare to be surprised by what happens with relinquishment.

Bless ya:)


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