What to get for the person who has everything

So, we have returned from the 2017 mission trip to the Philippines. I feel that this was about the best trip we’ve done, and I reckon that we are getting a little better organising them each time.

The problem is of course that there is so much to ponder, so much to reflect upon after such an extraordinary experience. Here’s just one of many instances that I felt God speak deeply to me over the time of the trip.

It came towards the end of the trip when we decided that with the left over trip money we had fund-raised, we would commit to buying some of the workers in Ps. Felix’s Church some gifts that they would find useful.

Now one of these folks is an amazing lady by the name of Sophia. She cooks and does laundry for many people in the church and she does it all, joyfully, here:


Now we were able to build here a new fire place and upgrade the gas cooker before we left, but you get the idea.

Sophia lives and works in conditions that would make many aussies leave town but she does it all with a smile. That’s not what I’m on about though, the really amazing thing was this.

The day came where we asked Sophia something like: ‘we’d like to give a gift to you, what do you need?’ Her response nearly made me fall off my chair. You ready? Here it is:

“I already have everything.”

Just maybe let that sink in for a second.

Because, the shattering reality that bursts through her words is simply this: she’s right.

Matt 5:5 (MsgB) You’re blessed when you are content with just who you are- no more, no less. That’s the moment you find yourselves proud owners of everything that can’t be bought.

It made me realise that Sophia indeed has everything because she has Jesus. Meanwhile all our striving after stuff and achievements happen because we either don’t have or we have forgotten that we have Jesus.

In the end, she did admit that a dual burner cook top would be useful but the point is she sees this and appreciates it as a resource and a resource only. Her passion is her saviour.

It’s occurred to me that anytime we are not satisfied it is because Jesus is our resource and the stuff of this world is our passion. Sophia is about a million times more happy than so many people I run into every day for one reason alone: the stuff of this world is a resource but Jesus is her passion.

What do you get for the person who has everything? Even if that person is you?

Get some time with someone like Sophia, someone with the order around the right way.

Bless ya:)




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