After the secular chips…. and failing.

So, it seems the whole Margaret court having a crack at Qantas thing has died down. Maybe then it’s time to speak up. I say that due to my shock at what happened when it first blew up. What happened?

This: it seemed every second Christian person I know, coming out on social media and essentially joining the secular chorus against Margaret Court, telling her to pull her head in before she makes such inflammatory and out of context comments, in regards to what God thinks about homosexuality. Can I also point out that I cannot see anything inflammatory or bullying about her actual letter included in the link below.

(If you’re wondering what I’m on about international readers, here’a a link here )

Basically, in Australia, companies like Qantas have decided that it is their prerogative now to throw their weight into the morality debate. Now corporations haven’t tended to do this until fairly recently. Morality has however often been the realm of the church because:

a) Only an idiot really believes that morality at it’s very core can be disconnected from the question of faith. (jeez, even Richard- I hate god- Dawkins is now rooting for biblical education in some British schools)

b) Because the church by it’s own scriptures and creeds has a prophetic role. (Notice how prophets were not usually liked?)


So, pastor Margaret sent off her open letter to Qantas, and ‘broke the internet’ with people jumping on top of her from a huge height saying ‘how dare you.’ But as mentioned the worse thing was Christians so concerned about the worlds view of Christianity, essentially telling Dr. Court to shut up. I would include examples cut and pasted off facebook, but I do not want to publicly disgrace people I care about. It’s the issue that matters.

Let me tell what the issue here is/was:

Hoodwinked, they have gone along with the secular agenda to relegate faith, especially the Christian faith to the purely subjective realm.

Secularism is more than happy for a theocracy to be called just that, because it immediately relegates it to someone’s personal faith which it sees as completely and utterly irrelevant to the direction of general society. Secularism loves getting hold of the doctrine of the two kingdoms and warping its meaning.

I cannot over state that we are more and more being encouraged to see faith as simply a matter of personal opinion rather than based on objective truth. With every article/comment that Christians write that is less concerned with truth than it’s presentation; we allow the people around us to go to Hell in a handbasket. If you’re not a Christian, and feel like we can be bigots sometimes, then feel sorry for us; for the God we worship demands that we speak…amidst love.

I admit we have often failed to love. But we have also often failed to speak as well.

Here’s the apostle Paul’s opinion on what’s really going on:

2 Cor 4:3-5 And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing. The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. For what we preach is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake. (emphasis mine)

Remember when you read this, that every time this Christ was proclaimed Lord, in that society it was in direct opposition to Cesar.

Now, the ‘exegetes of perfection’ among us will straight away be thinking this “doesn’t he know that Paul’s talking to Christians not non-Christians?” Yes I do. He is indeed talking to Christians.


My fellow Christians…..

Listen with both ears to what he’s saying:

You’re not going to get people saved by making allowances.

You’re not going to get people believing the truth by mellowing into subjectivity. You’re not going to see God’s blessing by making him more accommodating to people, you’re only going to get it by praying, weeping even for people’s souls that God would open their eyes to what?

The objective truth of the risen Jesus.


If you’re still with me by now you may be thinking this: “seriously Peter, this was in regards to boycotting an airline due to a differing view on human sexuality.”

No, it wasn’t. That’s simply what it looks like. When will we start focusing on the unseen things that are eternal? This was a clash, an inevitable clash of kingdoms. A clash that is so inevitable that the only way you can say that it isn’t is to throw out the authority of Scripture. But if the Bible is the Word of God, then sooner or later we will see a clash of this ilk.

Where do you think that Dr. Court got her view on human sexuality from? A leadership magazine cartoon? No, she got it form the bible, interpreted in the way that it want’s to be interpreted and the same reading of the same word will irrevocably lead the honest reader to conclude that it’s primary concern is what is true

Truth is authoritative, because it’s true. If I jump off a building without a parachute, in a contest between me and the laws of physics I will lose to the laws physics in a catastrophic way. No matter how much I want to believe otherwise. When Margaret Court comes out in boycott of a company celebrating (as opposed to merely allowing) one of the things the bible names as sin she’s not doing it because she hates, but because she cares.

No one in ourselves is perfect, and the last thing she needs is bunch of Christians telling her every which way how she has been inappropriate, when what they should be thinking about is this:

Matt 10:33 But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven.

By the way, we don’t get to supply own own definition of ‘disown’. That will be up to Jesus and I believe it will have a lot to do with the authority of the whole counsel of his Word.

So, Margaret if you are reading this, you can talk all you like because the glory of God matters more to you than the opinions of men.

Bless you indeed.

One thought on “After the secular chips…. and failing.

  1. Slowly, slowly, I am learning to see the unseen truth of conflicts rather than simply the words used in them.
    (Some how I missed this whole debacle, must have been a big rock I was under)


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