Faith that reclines.

Yesterday, as I was thanking God for what he was revealing to me, it became evident that he had not finished speaking into my life.

As I closed my diary, a picture entered my mind that many would know; the image of the disciple John, reclining or leaning literally on Jesus.

John 13:23: One of the disciples, the one Jesus loved dearly, was reclining against him, his head on his shoulder. (MsgB)

As I looked at this picture in my mind’s eye, I realized something about it for the first time. It is, of course, a picture of intimacy. But Why? what makes it a picture of intimacy?

It’s so simple of course; it is that John actually allows Jesus to take his physical weight. It’s not merely physical contact, it is John allowing Jesus to take full responsibility for his center of gravity! If Jesus moves, John falls crashing to the dusty floor.

Meanwhile, of course, Jesus the Son of God…lets this happen.

Trust and intimacy need each other, for each other to exist.

This is no more important than with our relationship with God.

We will never experience intimacy with Jesus if we refuse to ‘recline upon him.’ That is, to shift our entire spiritual center of gravity over to his control. All our worries, concerns, fears and desires. That’s a scary process because what the unspiritual mind thinks is rock is actually sand and what it thinks is quicksand is in fact solid rock.

But we will never do what is necessary unless we ultimately desire intimacy with God. A desire only the Spirit of God can create. Mere religion has us stuck with all our junk still because religion is all about us maintaining control. We’re standing on ‘our own two feet’ as it were before God.

But in a dramatic reversal to how many people see the world, God can not help those who ‘help themselves’. Rather he loves to help and be close, to those who are willing to adopt a faith that reclines, fully,..on him.

This is great news if you are in a hopeless situation. You’re a candidate for a miracle.

To experience intimacy with God, cast it all on to him. To cast it all on to him, desire intimacy with God over merely his benefits.

There are some who, in order to do that may need to make peace with him first.

Interestingly, Jesus said at the last supper that the next time he would drink of the cup with his disciples would be when he returns again in the new heavens and the new earth.

Maybe this life is all about learning to recline fully on Jesus because one day, we’ll literally be able to do just that?

bless ya:)



One thought on “Faith that reclines.

  1. Yes. And that day sounds wonderful. In my 70 years of life here on earth and almost 53 years of marriage, we have seen God at work and his miracles many times. Even though we are still sinful and often find ourselves trying to manage by ourselves. But, our God is a forgiving God and without learning on him we would never have managed.


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